Valet Mobile Detailing: Top Shop Interview

A big thank you to James Andoh of Valet Mobile Detailing for agreeing to this interview! You can find his business over at:

What’s Valet Mobile Detailing’s story?

Valet Mobile Detailing is a mobile car detailing business that was founded in late 2021 and services the Atlanta/Metro Atlanta area. While relatively new, I’ve been doing my best to make an impact in my community by setting the standard as to what a great detail experience should look like and the type of service all detailers should provide. Getting started wasn’t easy, which is something probably all business share, as early on no one knows you or the work you can provide.

However even through the setbacks I’ve continued pushing forward, and built a name for Valet Mobile Detailing through positive experiences with every client and by leaving a great impression on them by how their vehicle is detailed.

And the goal for 2022 is to continue giving a great experience for everyone serviced and possibly own my own shop.

What’s your story, James?

I started washing cars when I was 14, it was never something I thought I would pick up as a business, but I just had a passion for cars and cleaning so it was a great way for me to save up a bit of money by washing all the cars in my neighborhood in the summer before school came.

As I grew up I became much more interested in detailing as I realized how much of the need there was for people who wanted their vehicle thoroughly cleaned but didn’t have the time, tools, or energy to do it themselves.

So at 18, me and a couple friends decided to take up detailing as more than just a hobby and take it much more serious which is how the creation of Valet Mobile Detailing came along.

What’s your business’ most popular service? What are you known for and why are you the best at it?

My business’ most popular service is the Diamond Plan, which is the complete interior and exterior detail of vehicle with the intention of bringing it to showroom condition as close as possible to it. This business is known for more than just giving great details as we focus more on having excellent customer service and giving a more positive experience for every client we serve.

Do you have a team of people who work for or with you? Tell us about your team.

Currently my team consists of mainly me as much of the people I started with didn’t have the same drive as I did to really grow and carry the weight of the business, however I am looking for potential co-workers that share the same interests as me, who I can trust to grow the business with me as Valet Mobile Detailing takes on more clientele.

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