Here's our handpicked list of the best of the best in paintless dent repair in Oil City so you can choose the best option for you and your car.

Minichs Towing & Recovery

1682 Riverside Dr, Oil City, PA 16301

Paintless dent repair is a service that Minichs Towing & Recovery provides in Oil City. MinichsTowing_Gallery (374)MinichsTowing_Gallery (373)MinichsTowing_Gallery (372)MinichsTowing_Gallery (371)MinichsTowing_Gallery (370)MinichsTowing_Gallery (369)MinichsTowing_Gallery (368)MinichsTowing_Gallery (367)MinichsTowing_Gallery (366)MinichsTowing_Gallery (365)MinichsTowing_Gallery (364)MinichsTowing_Gallery (363)MinichsTowing_Gallery (362)MinichsTowing_Gallery (361)MinichsTowing_Gallery (360)MinichsTowing_Gallery (359)MinichsTowing_Gallery (358)MinichsTowing_Gallery (357)MinichsTowing_Gallery (356)MinichsTowing_Gallery (355)MinichsTowing_Gallery (354)MinichsTowing_Gallery (353)MinichsTowing_Gallery (352)MinichsTowing_Gallery (351)MinichsTowing_Gallery (350)MinichsTowing_Gallery (349)MinichsTowing_Gallery (348)MinichsTowing_Gallery (347)MinichsTowing_Gallery (346)MinichsTowing_Gallery (345)MinichsTowing_Gallery (344)MinichsTowing_Gallery (343)MinichsTowing_Gallery (342)MinichsTowing_Gallery (341)MinichsTowing_Gallery (340)MinichsTowing_Gallery (339)MinichsTowing_Gallery (338)MinichsTowing_Gallery (337)MinichsTowing_Gallery (336)MinichsTowing_Gallery (335) Minichs Towing & Recovery has been a family-owned company since 1929. We are proud to have provided quality towing and repair to customers in Oil City and the surrounding areas for several generations. No matter what direction the future takes us, our entire team knows they steer a legacy of service. Minichs Towing & Recovery is a fully licensed and insured company serving Venango County, Clarion County, Warren County or Forrest County. From full-scale towing and recovery to collision repair and more, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and unequaled service. In response to the rising cost of equipment and operations, we have made critical investments in technology and training to bring you great quality towing and repair at a price that’s even better.

Monday: Open 24 hours | Tuesday: Open 24 hours | Wednesday: Open 24 hours | Thursday: Open 24 hours | Friday: Open 24 hours | Saturday: Open 24 hours | Sunday: Open 24 hours

Horn's Collision Repair Center

883 Horn Rd, Oil City, PA 16301

Paintless dent repair is a service that Horn's Collision Repair Center provides in Oil City.

Oil City Automotive Center

4 Relief St, Oil City, PA 16301

Paintless dent repair is a service that Oil City Automotive Center provides in Oil City.

Monday: 7AM-5PM | Tuesday: 7AM-5PM | Wednesday: 7AM-5PM | Thursday: 7AM-5PM | Friday: 7AM-4PM | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: Closed

Eisenman Auto Services

123 State St, Oil City, PA 16301

Eisenman Auto Services provides paintless dent repair services in Oil City.

Gabler's Garage

620 PA-157, Oil City, PA 16301

The top shop, Gabler's Garage, is a great option for a paintless dent repair company in Oil City.

Monday: 8AM-4:30PM | Tuesday: 8AM-4:30PM | Wednesday: 8AM-4:30PM | Thursday: 8AM-4:30PM | Friday: 8AM-4:30PM | Saturday: 8AM-12PM | Sunday: Closed

Grandview Auto Body

907 Grandview Rd, Oil City, PA 16301

Grandview Auto Body provides paintless dent repair services in Oil City.

Chevrolet Service

768 Allegheny Blvd, Franklin, PA 16323

Paintless dent repair is a service that Chevrolet Service provides in Franklin. The Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection form uses a simple color-coded key to assess maintenance terms: Stopping power is crucial to a safe and successful driving experience. When you need brake service, visit A. Crivelli Chevrolet and the Chevrolet Certified Service experts can recommend quality new brakes. Your vehicle's battery provides energy to start the engine, plus it supplies power to accessories when the engine is not running. The cold of winter and the heat of summer can affect your auto battery. See us for your vehicle's battery needs..

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