Ceramic Pro Elite Hanover Dealer: Top Shop Interview

A big thank you to Duane Langenfeld of Ceramic Pro Elite Hanover Dealer for agreeing to this interview! You can find his business over at:


What’s your business’ story?

The company has been in business for almost 30 years, starting as an aftermarket sunroof installer and interior upgrade company. As we’ve progressed, we are now a Certified Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer that provides Ceramic Coatings, PPF, Window Tint, Paintless Dent Repair, Automotive Hail Repair, Kavaka Leather, Car Detailing. We have an AUTOMOTIVE HAIL REPAIR team that has repaired over 40,000 vehicles using PDR.

What’s your story? How long have you been doing this and how’d you get started?

Over 29 years in service. Personally, I left NSA in 1995 and was trained for PDR the previous winter. Currently, I am co owner of the Hail Team part of Smooth Finishes.

What’s your business’ most popular service? What are you known for and why are you the best at it?

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer services and Auto Hail Repair. With the tenure and talent our team possesses, we are simply hard to beat for quality, speed, efficiency, honesty and business acumen.

Do you have a team of people who work for or with you? Tell us about your team.

Our current staff is six members. They are specialized in their specific part of our service offerings.

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