Here's our handpicked list of the best of the best in alloy wheel repair in Fort Worth so you can choose the best option for you and your car.

ARS Wheel Repair, Inc.

2445 McIver Ln #100, Carrollton, TX 75006

ARS Wheel Repair, Inc. provides alloy wheel repair services in Carrollton. Our top techs will do the repair then send them through our painting process, where they are primed, painted and clear-coated and then put in an oven to cure and harden and make your wheels more resistant to scratches!

Monday: 8AM–5:30PM | Tuesday: 8AM–5:30PM | Wednesday: 8AM–5:30PM | Thursday: 8AM–5:30PM | Friday: 8AM–5:30PM | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: Closed

King’s Tire (King's Custom Wheels, LLC)

824 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Alloy wheel repair is a service that King’s Tire (King's Custom Wheels, LLC) provides in Fort Worth. There are tough terrains and conditions that your vehicle would have to grapple with, but we have even tougher and more durable all-terrain tires to fully equip your ride anytime, anywhere. Whether you are customizing your vehicle for racing or normal, everyday rides, you can find the best collection of wheels and tires to complete your vehicle. Call King’s Tire (King's Custom Wheels, LLC) now for street performance tires, custom wheels and off-road tires. We have all types of tires and we have payment options available as well.

Monday: Closed | Tuesday: 9AM–7PM | Wednesday: 9AM–7PM | Thursday: 9AM–7PM | Friday: 9AM–7PM | Saturday: 9AM–7PM | Sunday: Closed

Frank's Wheel Aligning Inc

2800 W 5th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Frank's Wheel Aligning Inc is a Fort Worth business that provides alloy wheel repair services. west 5th st Fort Worth , TX 76107 ph: 817-336-7863 fax: 817-336-7865 Service@frankswheel. Com west 5th st Fort Worth , TX 76107 ph: 817-336-7863 fax: 817-336-7865 Service@frankswheel. Com

Monday: 7:30AM–4PM | Tuesday: 7:30AM–4PM | Wednesday: 7:30AM–4PM | Thursday: 7:30AM–4PM | Friday: 7:30AM–4PM | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: Closed

RimSpec Wheel Repair & Rim

2502 Central St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Alloy wheel repair is a service that RimSpec Wheel Repair & Rim provides in Grand Prairie. Automobile | Motorcyle | Car | Bike Wheel and Rim Repair Specialist

Monday: 10AM–7PM | Tuesday: 10AM–7PM | Wednesday: 10AM–7PM | Thursday: 10AM–7PM | Friday: 10AM–7PM | Saturday: 10AM–4PM | Sunday: Closed

A1 Tires And Wheels

3428 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110

A1 Tires And Wheels is a alloy wheel repair business in Fort Worth. Fort Worth new tires come in many different styles, and the style you choose depends on what you are using the vehicle for and where you are using the vehicle. You can get plenty of cheap new tires for your car to look good. $25 off any set of Michelin Tires. New Customers only. One Special per visit. Not valid with other offer or special.

Monday: 8AM–7PM | Tuesday: 8AM–7PM | Wednesday: 8AM–7PM | Thursday: 8AM–7PM | Friday: 8AM–7PM | Saturday: 8AM–7PM | Sunday: 9AM–6PM

Specialist Wheel Repair

921 W Mayfield Rd suit 134, Arlington, TX 76015

Alloy wheel repair is a service that Specialist Wheel Repair provides in Fort Worth.

Monday: 8AM–6PM | Tuesday: 8AM–6PM | Wednesday: 8AM–6PM | Thursday: 8AM–6PM | Friday: 8AM–6PM | Saturday: 8AM–12PM | Sunday: Closed

Pro Wheel Repair

2627 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76015

Pro Wheel Repair is a alloy wheel repair business in Arlington. We offer a cheaper alternative to purchasing a new wheel for bent or cracked wheels with customization Every wheel problem can always be fixed if you let Pro Wheel Repair handle it. With us, there will be no wheel problems. We provide our services to cost-effective methods. Save that extra money while we fix wheels on your vehicles. We provide reliable services to fix your wheels anywhere between Amarillo in the north to Midland in the south. Brandon Claussen founded Pro Wheel Repair about seven years ago.

Monday: 9:30AM–5:30PM | Tuesday: 9:30AM–5:30PM | Wednesday: 9:30AM–5:30PM | Thursday: 9:30AM–5:30PM | Friday: 9:30AM–5:30PM | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: Closed

A1 Wheel Lift & Auto Repair

1333 E Berry St, Fort Worth, TX 76119

Alloy wheel repair is a service that A1 Wheel Lift & Auto Repair provides in Fort Worth. 22's & 24's Gloss Black & Chrome 20' Luxxx for cars! 5x4. 5 & 5x4. 75! Pay only $39 down today and walk out with brand new rims and tires! Easy financing, no credit needed! Lots of wheels in stock! For cars and trucks!

Monday: 9AM–6PM | Tuesday: 9AM–6PM | Wednesday: 9AM–6PM | Thursday: 9AM–6PM | Friday: 9AM–6PM | Saturday: 9AM–6PM | Sunday: Closed

Dallas Wheel Repair

1203 E Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010

Dallas Wheel Repair is a alloy wheel repair company in Arlington.

Monday: 8:30AM–5:30PM | Tuesday: 8:30AM–5:30PM | Wednesday: 8:30AM–5:30PM | Thursday: 8:30AM–5:30PM | Friday: 8:30AM–5:30PM | Saturday: 10AM–12:30PM | Sunday: Closed

MKW Wheels TX

2951 Northern Cross Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76137

MKW Wheels TX is a alloy wheel repair company in Fort Worth.

Monday: 8:45AM–5PM | Tuesday: 8:45AM–5PM | Wednesday: 8:45AM–5PM | Thursday: 8:45AM–5PM | Friday: 8:45AM–5PM | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: Closed

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