We’re car enthusiasts. We’re passionate and fixated on fixing cars so we can get our car fix. And that’s why CarFixations.com was born. Out of our love for all things with an engine.

There are a lot of places online to find people who can help you with your car. There are even friends of friends you can ask to help you out. So, how do you pick who to go with? Well, obviously we’d like to do it ourselves, but when that’s not an option – who can you go to for help?

CarFixations.com can be a guide for all things needed for your car or other engine-powered vehicle. We’re building a comprehensive list of providers who can help you get anything done.

It may take a little while to build out our lists. So, reach out if you see yourself missing. We’re also planning on expanding into different types of lists and articles to make this a great hub for resources.

We’re a small team, so we will do our best to update the site when we can.